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Description : The two teenagers, who have met for a long time and have a friendship level where they look at each other like brothers, stay single in separate houses. After the severe earthquake that took place at noon, the young girl came to stay with her close friend, whom she saw as a sister, because she was too afraid to stay in her own house alone. While they were spending time together, another aftershock occurred when the clock was about to show 12, and the girl almost jumped into her friend's lap in fear. While trying to comfort his frightened girlfriend, the electricity is cut off and they are left without a heater in the extremely cold weather. Instead of staying in the dark, when they wanted to go to their beds to sleep, the boy gave his young friend his own bed and went to sleep alone on the sofa. Just when he fell asleep, the girl he saw as his brother came and said that he was very cold and still very afraid, and wanted to sleep next to him. The girl who has a habit of sleeping with her underwear goes under the covers on the sofa with her panties, and when the boy she sees as her sister goes to her bosom and starts to sleep, the girl who wants to have sex to warm up and improve her psychology cannot resist the desire to fuck and she is afraid of the earthquake by inserting her napping friend's dick into her clean cunt in the frost. suffers from a sex earthquake.

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